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“This [continuous supply of oil] is the word of the Lord to Zerubbabel [prince of Judah], saying, ‘Not by might, nor by power, but by My Spirit [of whom the oil is a symbol],’ says the Lord of hosts." Zech.4:6
God anoints our prayers! He truly does, especially when we pray according to His Word (His Will & Way)! Your prayers for Missionaries to Mozambique have been so used for God's Glory. How?
*Strength - the road has been long and hard. But, "in our weakness, He is strong!" God's strength has empowered, led and broke through in oh so many ways.
*Wisdom- Receiving WISE GUIDANCE from the Holy Spirit; know who to contact and when.
*Anointing-  We have traveled across the United States and ministered in many churches. We also have been in homes, on the streets, in community gatherings, the market place, restaurants, and coffee shops -ALL where the Hope of the Gospel was preached! Where we prayed for many; who have to come Christ, healed, called and given Hope to pursue their call.
*Supply- In this journey where we have traveled; we started with no avenues of support. That was our first year. Yet, God brought it in miraculously. As my retired Pastor father told us many years ago: "He sent the ravens!" {story of Elijah} Going from no income for over 4 years to this is a true miracle in itself! He has supplied a home for us to live in, gas in our vehicles, clothes, food, personal needs for the children and such.
He also has given the INCREASE - "...but God gave the increase." 1 Cor. 3:6  We went from 0% monthly funded to somewhere presently in the 90%+. HALLELUJAH! 

(to be funded).
As we took some time to pray, just seeking the Lord about this; we felt strongly to set the date for APRIL 30TH. HIS TIME....HIS WAY...HIS PURPOSE! So, we took the step to announce this. When we did; more support started rolling in. And some still is too!
Presently it is April 20th; meaning: 10 more days!
We have an incredible amount of peace. Like the first scripture declares - " is by HIS SPIRIT...!"
EVERYONE ASKS.... "So, when are you leaving?" I tell them our target date GOD GAVE US to be funded is: April 30th.
Here is the steps toward leaving:
1) FULLY FUNDED (have to be)
2) BUY AIRPLANE TICKETS (in order to get our Visa)
3) VISA & FBI BACKGROUND CERTIFIED (for residency Visa when we get there).
*MINISTRY - Traveling and speaking. Personal one on one meetings. And the phone calls; for support.
*PACKING - Oh are we packing! We just unloaded all our large items out and most of our boxes. Now it's odds and ends. We will be giving most of what's left away.
*VISITING PARENTS -  They are 87 years old. Read what my father (a retired Pastor)wrote me recently: "
We are fully in line with God on your leaving for His work; but it will take a lot of Prayer and His Grace to see you go and be far apart. Maybe, till we meet in Heaven. Doing God's will was never made for Convenience or Comfort, or Family "Togetherness." We all feel the same way, it's not an extended vacation; it's a 'Call of God' to run to the Dying and rescue them from eternal loss. We are trying hard to convince us of that as well."
*SAYING GOODBYE - To our family: our son, parents, brother, sister...and dear friends! Saying good bye to the American liberties. To! 

Yet, oh we are so ready to be SPENT UP for Jesus...for the lost...for our hurting pastors in Mozambique!

If you are supporting us monthly right now...THANK YOU so very much!
Thanks to those who do and have increased their support! Wow!
If you haven't yet; we welcome you to be a part of this team of ministry to Mozambique.  $10 a month? $20 per month or $50? To raise the support by % it is $80 a month.  We feel it's important to first pray, seek the Lord - and then be open to how He leads. Everyone we have talked to, have told us that God has super blessed their lives in oh so many ways when they made the commitment to support this missionary call.
They feel like they are going to Africa; that's because THEY are by their giving!
There is another way to support as well:
We can
receive charitable gifts from an IRA.  It is a very tax effective way to give, because it excludes the income from the donor’s income. 
A person  should contact the broker who handles their IRA, and let them know their intentions.  A check would need to be sent from their account directly to OMS, and include the information that it is an IRA contribution and that the funds are to go to your support account. CALL ONE MISSION SOCIETY: 
(317) 888-3333

We love each of you! Contact us if you need prayer too!
The Snowden's 
MOVING OUR BIG ITEMS. Tabby is pretending to be
like Grandma from the Beverly Hillbilly's! 
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We were blessed to minister at the church where Brad & Daneille met & married.
Also, where they both help start the Caring Place Outreach ministry (30 years ago).
And where Brad was called to the mission field.  Pretty amazing at: The Caring Place- Inpls, IN.
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"It’s Crazy As It’s Getting Real!"

"It’s crazy as it’s getting real!" 

A dear friend just wrote this, commenting on us packing up & placing our items in storage.
Each item we pack or give away; yes are just things, but also represent memories for sure. It's: 'Packing up the past to go forward into the future.'
As we told you in our recent newsletter; the Lord gave us a ‘target-date’ to have everyone pray for. We told you April 30th was the target He gave.
We know - God’s Plans are rock solid; thus the clock is ticking.
We are anticipating working for the rest of lives in Africa for the souls of Mozambique 🇲🇿

  We get our tickets when we are fully supported.      

We are on the LAST STRETCH!
WANNA HELP? Whatever the $ amount the Lord leads you - it will be awesome!
Hurry... join us now! & We Love y’all! 🌍


Tuesday, March 20, 2018




-       We had safe travels to Pennsylvania.
-       God opened ‘surprise’ doors for us to minister and also have mission’s contacts.  (5 meetings in 4 days)
-       We attended a Minister’s Meeting for the area we visited. They had us share our testimony and missions. They prayed for us and then a lovely couple hosted us. We connected with a wonderful minister who leads many outreach ministries.
-       God led us to an amazing lady who owns a coffee shop. We talked for a couple hours; she shared her heart. We prayed together and she said she wanted to support us.
-       We attended our First Shabbat Service at a Messianic Jewish Synagogue. Absolutely beautiful men and woman of God; they were so loving and whisked up our prayer cards vowing to pray.
-       We ministered as the Key Note Speakers at a large Missions Banquet. God truly blessed.
-       We were able to share at a beautiful Portuguese Church in N.J. So loving & giving; we were honored.
-       We got news of others who have increased their monthly support, and ones who are just now coming on our team as well.
-       We ministered this past Sunday at a church not too far away – again; a very sweet, loving Body of Christ. The Lord truly moved in Word, and His sweet spirit touching hearts.

-       That the Word of God takes root in the hearts we were able to minister to. First, touching and ministering to them in their areas of need. Also, for the individuals and churches to go through with their support that enables us to go work in Africa.
-       Many have let us know they are going to support, and others have actually sent in their notice that they are. Yet, we have not seen it in the records as of yet. It does take some time. Thus; it still says we are 85%; yet if ones who for sure said that they have signed-up, % will go up much higher. Pray this is completed; in God’s Way and Time.
-       Health
-       Our Son Nathan in the Navy. Our son’s closest friend just took his life and this has devastated Nathan; yet also has ignited him to be a light of hope for Jesus to his fellow shipmates. Pray for this young man’s family.
-       Our parents.
-       Daughters who are in school (Felecia in college & Tabitha in home school).
-       For Mozambique; they still are in the rainy season; floods occur quickly and can be quite devastating.
-       90% of Mozambique who do not know Jesus as their Lord and Savior.
-       For the Pastor’s and their families. They pastor sometimes a couple churches, have a family and work. They need a refreshing, encouragement, wisdom and so much more. They long to do more; open up new works in new places.
-       For our missionary team. All of them have a multiplicity of job titles. Even though there is still different focused ministries still happening right in our team: Lift up
               *Helping Hands (for the disabled and also teaching nutrition with using the Gospel).
                *CAM – School K-12
                *Soccer Ministry to the children
                *Church Plants
                *Seminary (college for those called into the ministry)
              And so much more….

Those churches, ministries and individuals who are passionate about ‘outreach’ including ‘missions’:  has a fire so deep for souls. It’s contagious, so much so they have been experiencing revivals and seeing many come to Christ. When we connect with the heart-beat of God for souls, nothing else matters in life. We find what LIFE is …serving Him and leading others to the Cross of Love (of Jesus).

We are moving there. We are packing up our things, saying our goodbyes and going to devote what we have left in this life God has given to serve where He has bid us to go.
It’s not a mission’s trip. It’s a work…an on-going work for God to serve out His love to Mozambique.
With that in mind; that is why mission’s agencies developed the ‘monthly-support-method’; it’s to protect and supply for missionaries to be sourced so they can be a resource of God’s many attributes (for us: all over Mozambique’s 11 provinces).
May we encourage you to not only continue pray for us but also consider supporting Missionaries to Mozambique on a monthly basis? One Mission Society will let us move forward and get our tickets when we are funded. It isn’t a whole lot more; we are confident as our brother’s and sister’s in Christ come along with us we will be well on our way. God has brought us so far already. We have been told in most every mission’s agency it takes an average of 2 years for missionaries to raise support (of course we know God does the raising don’t we). It hasn’t been 2 years yet; will be in May. We hope and pray we are in Africa by then.
SUPPORT US Click here for online

This is at One Mission Society on line, click give to a missionary and type in Snowden.
We can talk with you and send you information if you rather join us this way as well.
Please call us at: 618-554-8245
Write us: 303 S. Maple Newton, IL 62448
We can talk with you and send you information if you rather join us this way as well.
We are grateful for you!

Personal Note: When you do sign up there is a place on when to begin and when to end. We plan on being there as God’s Will for the rest of our lives.
For our supporters; we love you, we pray for you and we thank our God for you!!!!

Heb. 13:21 “The God of Peace will make me COMPLETE in EVERY good work TO DO His Will…”
1 Thess. 5:23 “God makes all WHOLE ..HOLY…put together (spirit, soul and body) to keep you.”

Wednesday, February 21, 2018


copyright(c) 2018 Daneille Gray Snowden


       Article in Jasper Co. News Eagle Feb. 2018 (In IL)  

By the Holy Spirit through His Daughter ~Daneille
“You’re blessed when you stay on course,
    walking steadily on the road revealed by God.
You’re blessed when you follow his directions,
    doing your best to find him.
That’s right—you don’t go off on your own;
    you walk straight along the road he set.
You, God, prescribed the right way to live;
    now you expect us to live it.
Oh, that my steps might be steady,
    keeping to the course you set;
Then I’d never have any regrets
    in comparing my life with your counsel.
I thank you for speaking straight from your heart;
    I learn the pattern of your righteous ways.
I’m going to do what you tell me to do;
    don’t ever walk off and leave me.”  Ps. 119:1,2
After Jesus appealed to Jarius a religious leader to come heal his sick daughter; something happened along the way. 
WHEN? Along the way, the journey or the path! In the midst of travelling from point A to point B. Something happened! 
I don’t care how old each of us are; this has to be reapplied often to our lives, doesn’t it? It could be a short trip to the grocery store; a 4 year journey of college education, or for us; on the JOURNEY TO MINISTERING IN AFRICA as we raise support here in the United States.  At times, the journey to point B is quick, then at other times; it is long, lonely and drearisome.

The scripture above; towards the end, the Psalmist writes: “I’ve learned the pattern of your righteous ways.”   By learning the ‘Pattern of His Ways’, is seeing how He reveals His Holy Character, that dispels Hope and Strength. His Ways leave lasting fruit in souls, along with miracles unfolding in lives (including our own). 
What happened along the way? A DELAY!  “A certain delay brought great blessings and deliverance to one desperate woman, but a devastating blow to an anxious father.”  {S. Larson}
Mark 5:25-36
“And a woman, who had an issue of blood twelve years, 26 and had suffered many things of many physicians….came in the crowd behind, and touched his garmentshe felt in her body that she was healed of her plague. 30 And straightway Jesus, perceiving in himself that the power proceeding from him had gone forth, turned him about in the crowd, and said, Who touched my garments?
..he said unto her, Daughter, thy faith hath made thee whole; go in peace, and be whole of thy plague.
35 While he yet spake, they come from the ruler of the synagogue’s house, saying, Thy daughter is dead: why troublest thou the Teacher any further? 36 But Jesus, [j]not heeding the word spoken, saith unto the ruler of the synagogue, Fear not, only believe.”

I am pretty sure Jairus would have liked for Jesus to ‘make-haste!’ There is just no time for anything; this is life and death…my daughter’s life!  Yet, Jesus stopped; for one little lady; who was considered as a ‘nobody’ to many. He healed her body, and encouraged her heart. What a lesson to be applied for every one of us!

As we are walking seemingly, a rather long journey of raising support; God has connected us with hundreds of precious men, woman and children. We have been deeply touched, and even changed by so many –as we have walked this journey.  Also, God has taken us on paths to individuals that needed God’s Love in various forms. At the grocery store, on the streets in a city, in churches, our neighborhood, and in homes. Praying with brothers and sisters, the homeless, sick and hurting is our daily routine.
YET; we are trying to get to AFRICA!

I shared this story once before; a seasoned missionary lady, Velma Hardig stopped me and said to me; “When God is finished with you in Newton (in the U.S.) you will be in Africa.” This has WIDENED the eyes of my heart; I find myself looking everywhere with my spiritual eyes at everyone I see and hear. I want to be “The Hands & Feet of Jesus” here as well as in Africa.

Many are asking when we are leaving for Africa. I want to tell them; “In a few weeks!” Who knows, that may happen! But, I don’t know when for sure. I know it will be soon. We are getting closer each week. We are over ¾ through the fund raising process.  Meanwhile, we want to STOP as Jesus did along the Journey; “…walking steadily on the road revealed by God.” {From the passage above.}

Pray for us; for our strength to ‘STAY THE COURSE’ - With the Mind of Christ, walking steadily in the Spirit. We get tired, but: “Greater is He that is in me…”  Right? “His strength is made perfect in weakness!” 

Author Daneille Gray Snowden
Ordained Minister
Missionary to Mozambique with
One Mission Society
Married to Rev. Brad Snowden
3 children; Nathan (in the U.S. Navy),
Felecia (Sophomore @Valley Forge Univ.)
Tabitha (sophomore in high school)
BA in Cross Cultural Communications

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