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From Daneille
 Ya, you heard it RIGHT: We are going to Africa! Most of whom we have shared our testimony of  this HUGE open door are baffled. Majority have known us as Pastors, Construction workers, who home school our children. Also, in the past several years all have known us as a family battling a horrendous sickness; appearing to take the life of my husband, Brad.
Yet, the path our Lord has cleared for our family to take has been revealed. I still shake my head in amazement recalling as I exclaim: "Who am I Lord, (as the Psalmist declared) that He should choose me (and my family)?" Then as in Isaiah's answer to our God's call...I share the same heartfelt words:
"Then I heard the voice of the Lord, saying, “Whom shall I send, and who will go for Us?” Then I said, “Here am I. Send me!”
Campus of One Mission Society - Greenwood, IN
My husband and I had always felt the burden to one day 'GO' into the foreign field as missionaries. That particular door just didn't open; YET...another door did as Pastors to the Mission Field of America. God led us to people and places that were unique, and needed His Love- pure and simple. We were honored to lead many to Christ, disciple, teach all of them through out our 28 years in the ministry.  

Accompanied with Pastoring, my husband has been able to have his own Roofing & Construction Company. This truly has been the main source of our income. Then over six years ago he became gravely ill; this resulted him not being able to work, being pushed in a wheel chair and spending countless days bedfast. Many growing lessens (in seeing the faithfulness of our God) did arise. Deeper we grew, (although it didn't feel that way); as well as used in unique avenues ministering  to countless lives throughout our trial.
God drew our families heart again to missions in the past year. Deeper than ever, we felt compelled to pray for His leading. In that, we also had a tremendous burden for pastors all over the globe. Knowing their true needs, and even desires being pastors ourselves; we just felt a longing to come alongside them to be an encouragement, also to affirm them in countless ways to 'go-forward' in their CALL from God.
In the midst of our SEEKING OPEN DOOR was made clear for us to SEE. We found a 'JOB-DESCRIPTION' - for Pastoral Support to Pastors in Mozambique, Africa. It aligned perfectly with our hearts.
Months went on by; and it came to another point in time when we were spending time as a family in prayer and fasting. This is when we received a phone call from the same agency that posted this incredible job description. That week, we set up two appointments in the same day; one with One Mission Society and the other with my husband's specialist for the chronic illness he was fighting. 
First we went to see Brad's doctor; who after we asked did say his health was declining quickly and well, it didn't look like he may even survive. An hour later, we found ourselves at OMS headquarters; an amazing missions organization that is over 115 years old.
We took the tour, learning about this great agency. It was a big day for our family; what to do and how to; did enter our minds. We prayed and couldn't help but go ahead and start the application process. As we did, Brad's symptoms week by week, month by month disappeared. I must also say; thousands of brothers and sisters in Christ had been praying for a miracle for Brad. That is what we got too! About the same time we were 'official' ALL OF BRAD'S SYMPTOMS HAD LEFT! [click link of full story here]
He no longer is in a wheel chair, no pain, breathes great and is WORKING AGAIN!
Brad & our daughter at OMS headquarters.
Now, we are going FULL THRODDLE to raise support to be able to minister to our fellow brothers and sisters in Christ in Africa!  Hudson Taylor famously said, “God’s work, done God’s way, will never lack God’s supply.”  We rest in this truth, it's a huge endeavor -- Yet, I am reminded I serve a GREAT GOD...the only TRUE GOD; our Creator and King.
Will you join us? Please pray for us as we go about this new walk...excitedly WALKING FORWARD - with Purpose; telling others of the Ministry that lays before us.
We cannot do it without the BODY, joining along with your prayers and monthly support. As you pray, I just ask - will you ask the Lord if He wants you to PLEDGE to financially support this ministry. Just listen to His guidance; that is all we ask.  [SUPPORT LINK - CLICK]
Thanks for reading along...I promise the future blogs will not be 'as-long'. Just wanted to share with you the BEGINNING of our journey.

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