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Many of us have unique gifts, that either we are 'born' with or has developed through out the years.
In those gifts; God uses to embellish the Passion He places in our heart to serve Him in His Kingdom.
Servants in the Kingdom; all working together in harmony in the areas God has enabled us with these gifts.
Some have been endowed to work with numbers (I do not); in that they are such strong backbones to many ministries.
Some have gifts in music; (I do sing) thus, they are used to bring Worship through hearts to our KING!

My family and I have been in the pastorate for many years. [I have my entire life.] There are gifts (& skills) God strengthened as we have worked in this area of service; more than I even realize and likely will not till eternity.

We have known the vital importance for pastors, ministers and leaders working for the Lord; to be strengthened in various ways. SUCH AS:
*Being taught in the Word   
*Encouraged in prayer 
*Strengthened Together 
*Knowing they are NOT alone  (especially in times of hardship & trials)   ...ETC.

This of course will not be ALL  we will be doing in Africa.
 Without a doubt we will be beside our fellow missionaries and leaders loving on and teaching the children of Mozambique as well.

We will likely help with the various ministries already represented with the Helping Hands (handicapped), School to the children, as well as going out and preaching at the village churches. Also, we are truly excited visiting the brand new churches sprouting up and helping them. Down the road; we shall also help start new works in new places!

As I peer back through out my years, I see how the good and even difficult times have added to my life to be able to fit snuggly into the ministry with One Missions Society in Africa. PtL!  "And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose." Rom. 8:28 

Pews in the Bush by Aimee Howarth

The church we will be working with is called the;  Living Word Evangelical Church
(Igreja EvangĂ©lica Palavra Viva).  There are Churches in three provinces of the country:
*10 in Maputo
*2 in Inhambane
*60 in Zambézia
The national leadership is based in Maputo, and is a team of five Mozambicans and two OMS missionaries.

  "This church grew from evangelistic Bible studies carried out by OMS missionaries beginning in 1997, and was formed officially into a church denomination and registered with the Mozambican Department of Religious Affairs in December 2005." 

*62 people Groups

*9 Unreached (1/2 of 1% - 1.8 million)

*13 Province’s

*OMS- 74 churches

*Poverty Rate Top 10% in World

*44% Under Age of 14yrs.

*44 yrs. life expectancy

There is a HUGE WORK to be done! By God's Spirit, Your Prayers and Financial support: we plan on working until we are done!
Please, see the vision the Lord has given and come alongside...

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