Sunday, October 2, 2016

WHO WE ARE... Background to Present 

WHO WE ARE... Background to Present 

[Pt. 1] : We have been in active ministry for 28 yrs. +.

*Started as Inner City Children's Pastors in Indy (starting the Caring Place) began with 3 kiddos and when we left 300; today hundreds attend.
*Evangelism Pastors for a few years then went into be Senior Pastors in our churches until recently -- (for 25 yrs).  

*God took us onto the outer edged path in our ministry; blessed to shepherd wonderful 'folks' there. Challenging? YES! Blessings? Oh YES!

*God used us in many areas; children's min, evangelism, out-reaches (broad spectrum), chaplain ministry, home school leaders, men's & woman's ministries, homeless, shut-ins; etc...

*We did this one.
Thus; our ministry to Pastors, Missionaries, Spiritual Leaders in Mozambique: coming alongside each one and ministering as the Lord directs. We will minister in their churches, families and villages; praying for a great revival and move by Him!

Your monthly support will take us there -

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