Saturday, April 8, 2017

Snowden's April Prayer Initiative

"Those who sow in tears will reap with songs of joy. He who goes out weeping, carrying seed to sow, will return with songs of joy, carrying sheaves with him." Ps. 126:5-6

Snowden's travelled to Texas & Louisiana most of the month
of  March. Note the Texas bluebonnets!


1.) Please do pray for Mozambique - as only 10% of this country are evangelical Christians.

2.) For the Pastors, Missionaries, Christian workers, and the people who serve our Lord; they need protection, provision, encouragement, direction, inspiration, and strength.

3.) Malaria is on the rise (in Mozambique), because of lack of a good diet and medications; this turns fatal.

4.) We are currently almost 50% support raise. We are awaiting the results of some who have come on board with us this past month. [Our support needed: $7700 (medium range) $8000 (high range) per month.]

5.) Pray God's Will on how much individuals, churches and businesses are to monthly support this ministry. - That we all hear His voice clearly and obey.

6.) God's anointing has been so strong in our services. The word, music and alter times have truly been life changing. PRAY that Christ will manifest his miracle working power through us and His Church (here and in Mozambique).

7.) We ask for you to pray that we 'stay' victorious. It can be difficult at times when doors close. Yet, God has done so much! Pray we just SEEK HIM and His Presence and walk in His Spirit.

8.) Pray for Power-Encounters! Everywhere we go and to all we talk to. So many need encouragement, healing and hope.

9.) Pray for 100% support to come. For those who can support at $10 a month to commit, $25, $50, $77, $100, $200 and on...will just fill out the form and take the 'step' forward seeing they have partnered with us leading souls to Jesus in Africa.

10.) Nathan our son in the Navy. His Destroyer Ship is getting ready to ship off around the U.S. to San Diego, after this (so far as we know) he will go to San Antonio for Master's of Arms (police) training. He may also go to officer's candidate school too. Pray God's Will and favor always be his stead. For him to grow closer to the Lord and be a Lighthouse among his shipmates.

11.) Girls; Felecia & Tabitha...strength, grow closer to Jesus, their education and preparation to live in Africa.

12.) We will be leaving our elderly parents who are in their middle 80's (step mom is in her 70's). Please pray for them and us; as we are spending our last months together. For their comfort, and peace.

13.) Pray for the church of Jesus Christ! For revival; to seek Him and walk in accordance to His Word.


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