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-       We had safe travels to Pennsylvania.
-       God opened ‘surprise’ doors for us to minister and also have mission’s contacts.  (5 meetings in 4 days)
-       We attended a Minister’s Meeting for the area we visited. They had us share our testimony and missions. They prayed for us and then a lovely couple hosted us. We connected with a wonderful minister who leads many outreach ministries.
-       God led us to an amazing lady who owns a coffee shop. We talked for a couple hours; she shared her heart. We prayed together and she said she wanted to support us.
-       We attended our First Shabbat Service at a Messianic Jewish Synagogue. Absolutely beautiful men and woman of God; they were so loving and whisked up our prayer cards vowing to pray.
-       We ministered as the Key Note Speakers at a large Missions Banquet. God truly blessed.
-       We were able to share at a beautiful Portuguese Church in N.J. So loving & giving; we were honored.
-       We got news of others who have increased their monthly support, and ones who are just now coming on our team as well.
-       We ministered this past Sunday at a church not too far away – again; a very sweet, loving Body of Christ. The Lord truly moved in Word, and His sweet spirit touching hearts.

-       That the Word of God takes root in the hearts we were able to minister to. First, touching and ministering to them in their areas of need. Also, for the individuals and churches to go through with their support that enables us to go work in Africa.
-       Many have let us know they are going to support, and others have actually sent in their notice that they are. Yet, we have not seen it in the records as of yet. It does take some time. Thus; it still says we are 85%; yet if ones who for sure said that they have signed-up, % will go up much higher. Pray this is completed; in God’s Way and Time.
-       Health
-       Our Son Nathan in the Navy. Our son’s closest friend just took his life and this has devastated Nathan; yet also has ignited him to be a light of hope for Jesus to his fellow shipmates. Pray for this young man’s family.
-       Our parents.
-       Daughters who are in school (Felecia in college & Tabitha in home school).
-       For Mozambique; they still are in the rainy season; floods occur quickly and can be quite devastating.
-       90% of Mozambique who do not know Jesus as their Lord and Savior.
-       For the Pastor’s and their families. They pastor sometimes a couple churches, have a family and work. They need a refreshing, encouragement, wisdom and so much more. They long to do more; open up new works in new places.
-       For our missionary team. All of them have a multiplicity of job titles. Even though there is still different focused ministries still happening right in our team: Lift up
               *Helping Hands (for the disabled and also teaching nutrition with using the Gospel).
                *CAM – School K-12
                *Soccer Ministry to the children
                *Church Plants
                *Seminary (college for those called into the ministry)
              And so much more….

Those churches, ministries and individuals who are passionate about ‘outreach’ including ‘missions’:  has a fire so deep for souls. It’s contagious, so much so they have been experiencing revivals and seeing many come to Christ. When we connect with the heart-beat of God for souls, nothing else matters in life. We find what LIFE is …serving Him and leading others to the Cross of Love (of Jesus).

We are moving there. We are packing up our things, saying our goodbyes and going to devote what we have left in this life God has given to serve where He has bid us to go.
It’s not a mission’s trip. It’s a work…an on-going work for God to serve out His love to Mozambique.
With that in mind; that is why mission’s agencies developed the ‘monthly-support-method’; it’s to protect and supply for missionaries to be sourced so they can be a resource of God’s many attributes (for us: all over Mozambique’s 11 provinces).
May we encourage you to not only continue pray for us but also consider supporting Missionaries to Mozambique on a monthly basis? One Mission Society will let us move forward and get our tickets when we are funded. It isn’t a whole lot more; we are confident as our brother’s and sister’s in Christ come along with us we will be well on our way. God has brought us so far already. We have been told in most every mission’s agency it takes an average of 2 years for missionaries to raise support (of course we know God does the raising don’t we). It hasn’t been 2 years yet; will be in May. We hope and pray we are in Africa by then.
SUPPORT US Click here for online

This is at One Mission Society on line, click give to a missionary and type in Snowden.
We can talk with you and send you information if you rather join us this way as well.
Please call us at: 618-554-8245
Write us: 303 S. Maple Newton, IL 62448
We can talk with you and send you information if you rather join us this way as well.
We are grateful for you!

Personal Note: When you do sign up there is a place on when to begin and when to end. We plan on being there as God’s Will for the rest of our lives.
For our supporters; we love you, we pray for you and we thank our God for you!!!!

Heb. 13:21 “The God of Peace will make me COMPLETE in EVERY good work TO DO His Will…”
1 Thess. 5:23 “God makes all WHOLE ..HOLY…put together (spirit, soul and body) to keep you.”

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