Monday, April 9, 2018

"It’s Crazy As It’s Getting Real!"

"It’s crazy as it’s getting real!" 

A dear friend just wrote this, commenting on us packing up & placing our items in storage.
Each item we pack or give away; yes are just things, but also represent memories for sure. It's: 'Packing up the past to go forward into the future.'
As we told you in our recent newsletter; the Lord gave us a ‘target-date’ to have everyone pray for. We told you April 30th was the target He gave.
We know - God’s Plans are rock solid; thus the clock is ticking.
We are anticipating working for the rest of lives in Africa for the souls of Mozambique 🇲🇿

  We get our tickets when we are fully supported.      

We are on the LAST STRETCH!
WANNA HELP? Whatever the $ amount the Lord leads you - it will be awesome!
Hurry... join us now! & We Love y’all! 🌍


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