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QUESTIONS: Is missions geography or geometry? Is it the location; or is it the 'people-groups?'
Is God constantly calling people to ones who are in crisis,  deep pain,  and loneliness all over the globe?

Everyone who has surrender their hearts and all of their lives to Jesus; this indeed is something we all must ponder. For all of us have been given character traits, gifting's, skills, and lessons that were learned during our own time of sufferings. 

The answer can be as complex as the question; or is it? 
I graduated with a degree in Cross Cultural Communications and just knew I was going to India as a missionary. God did give me the opportunity for a summer internship; yet I never did return. 

As my husband and I worked in the pastoral ministry in the U.S.A. in my naïve mind; I still felt so pulled to  the mission field. I still felt it was a PLACE. Then the Lord while in my 30's, OPENED MY EYES and caused me to intently peer into the heart of my neighbors, church members, relatives and strangers. 

Missionary is defined in the dictionary as: 'sent by a church into an area to carry on evangelism or other activities /  prompted by the desire to persuade or convert others.'

QUESTION: Does it say a PLACE? 
An area could be a place, or a specific time (like when people face catastrophic events), it could be to widows, prisoners, elderly etc... It could be with those in cultic beliefs, the poor, and any who have NOT heard the Gospel. {The list can go on and on.}

Many times we are called to people of whom our testimony, and sufferings of whom we can identify with. For example; I have seen woman who were raped, and abused; who today minister to woman who are ministering to those in the human trafficking slavery realm. 
Others write books sharing the biblical lessons they gleaned, as they faced certain trials -which touches hundreds to thousands of lives. 
God called us (Brad & Daneille) in particular from pastoring here in the United States; facing many hardships in this ministry to Pastoring the Pastors in Africa! We struggled with our own personal trials, poverty, loneliness, backstabbing, confusion, spiritual attacks and so on. In it; we really didn't feel we had someone to come alongside to build up and affirm. [Although we did receive much encouragement from a pastor who is my earthly father.] 

God also used what we went through with Brad's serious illness as he was bedfast most days, in a wheelchair and in great pain. We will minister to the disabled as well in Africa. God knew & planned this all along the way!  

Yes, for us we are leaving one place geographically and moving to another. Yet, God is doing geometry {which deals with rationships of points, lines, angles, and figures in space from their defining conditions.} He also multiplies...oh yes, He always multiplies!   
He heard the heart cry of the Pastors in Africa; (like Brad & I cried) for someone to come and encourage and help them. He heard the heart of our exhausted missionaries for someone to come along to be there for them!

What about you? What have you been through that God can use YOU to BE A MISSIONARY to others? It may be next door, your work place or in AFRICA! 👀 (smile)
A key to being healed is to reach out to the hearts of others even in your pain!

Let me tell ya what GOD CAN'T USE as you take this step out: FEAR! Fear is not of is not FROM HIM! It apposes HIM and His Call for your life. It has to be squashed! Release it  in total surrender! We even must repent to owning up to fear. 

I write this to say; God cannot speak to one's clinging to fear; because they shut Him out. This is in regard to surrendering their desires for their lives, what they want to do and then what the 
COST may be! 

What is holding you back in fulfilling God's Purpose/Call upon your life? Is it separation from family, comfortable life style, learning a new culture and language? Is it having to get shots, facing mosquitos that carry malaria?  Is it that some places may 'smell', ya don't understand them and are afraid? 

FIRST - "Draw Near to God and He will draw near to you!" (James 4:7-8)
SECOND - Repent for being afraid. 
2 Timothy 1:7 "For God hath not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind."
THIRD - Surrender your will! Totally lay it all down. The closer we come to Jesus; the more we want to do this. Nothing else matters!
Prov. 23:26 "My son give me your heart, and let your eyes observe my ways."


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